WAM Arabia
WAM, Women Appreciation Month, is an annual initiative led by femi9 in its efforts to recognize women’s role in society and express its appreciation to their contributions. The initiative focuses on celebrating womanhood through different platforms that are of significance to women and play an important role in their lives.
2011 - Appreciating Women
The primary objective of WAM 2011 was to initiate the support for the cause, and raise community awareness towards appreciating women. The campaign was inspired by the quote of the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud:

"I believe strongly in the rights of women ... my mother is a woman, my sister is a woman, my daughter is a woman, my wife is a woman."

April 2011 witnessed various activities including a fashion design scholarship for 30 students, awarding successful Saudi women, in addition to public engagement events.
2012 - Women at Work
The theme of WAM 2012 was “Women at Work”, which was primarily dedicated to acknowledging the ‘work’ that women do in their different roles.
Women Appreciation Month 2012 included various women-oriented activities and events that encouraged them to develop and prosper. Seven high profile and successful women from various professions were the spokespersons for WAM 2012.

  • 400 job opportunities were presented throughout the month of April and trainings were conducted for 200 women on soft skills, HR, Marketing and Communication, Digital Media, Administrative work and Branding.
  • Free cooking classes for housewives were provided in association with Goody Kitchen.
  • A developmental workshop byMs. Nora Faisal Al Shaaban, CEO of Ebdaa Exchange Co. was held for Social Entrepreneurs, creative leaders, bankers, business women and students.
2013 - Growing Initiatives
  • The growing initiatives award was presented in Women Appreciation Month 2013, in cooperation with Jeddah Municipality, Glowork, Jeddah Beauty, Destination Jeddah Magazine, Destination Riyadh Magazine, Al Madina Newspaper, Layalina Magazine and Mix FM
  • Applicants presented a full review of their initiatives to the WAM committee
  • WAM committee analyzed the submitted material and selected the Winners based on sustainability and potential
  • Applicable initiatives include business and / or developmental projects
  • Funding granted was 80,000 SR for each of the three winners
  • 10 award finalists were announced on the WAM 2013 Launch Event
  • The 10 finalists received media exposure and WAM support
  • WAM committee announced the 3 growing initiatives award winners, which received legal consultation from Jeddah Municipality, business counsultation from Glowork, planned funding from Femi9 and media exposure from the media partners
  • Awards were presented in the WAM 2013 closing ceremony
  • The growing initiatives award winners are: Ghada Maghraby, with her business, PETALS; Nahed Al Hbail, with her business, SKY TOUCH; and Rima Engawi with her initiative, ATHR AL SHABAB
2014 - Mom, You Inspire Me!
WAM 2014 is dedicated to the inspirational force behind us all: Mothers.
The campaign aimed at recognizing, celebrating and genuinely appreciating mothers, and saluting their deep-rooted inspirations.  The success of today’s generation traces back to the first inspiration source in life, the mothers. During April 2014, different interactive activities, celebratory events and sentimental videos took place to honor inspiring mothers in the society.
The representatives of WAM 2014 were successful society figures whose mothers played a significant role in who they are today.  Ranging from restaurant owners to media professionals, the spokespersons all shared with the society the inspirations they had from their mothers.
2015 - Women in Leadership
2015 - Women in Leadership
The objective of WAM 2015 is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of leading women across the Kingdom. To encourage promising young women to become the leaders of tomorrow. Empowering Saudi women, by supporting the largest national job fair for women - "A Step Ahead"
2016 – Women in Fashion
2016 – Women in Fashion
In supporting Saudi talented fashion designers, WAM 2016 is presenting the most prestigious fashion award - WAM Fashion Award, in partnership with www.stylana.com.